XOCHI-MIL-CO. ( Mexico) or SOCHI -MEAL-Co.(Russia)

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The whole world’s attention seems to be concentrated in the 2014 Olympic
Winter Games. Which Countries wins more Medals, focusing in the speed,
strength and graciousness.

President Vladimir Vladimirovich PUTIN, born in October 7,1952 under the
Zodiac sign of Libra, has been a creative politician , He is a devoted Orthodox
believer and also a genuine athlete.Few people knows that he holds a ” Black Belt ”
in Kyokushin Kaikam Karate,( in other words, for someone like me, sportively inactive
means that, please do not upset him.)  In spite of being  a Vegetarian, He loves T-Bone Steaks.

sochi Olympics


Back to the Winter Olympics, Putin really put in practice his ideals and
together with his governmental team, they really planned to WOW THE
WORLD with such a frolic competition, organizing, building and preparing
their athletes. Out of the Blue they selected a small town called Sochi.
A resort area by the Black Sea.Nonchalantly started building one of the most
venturesome boldness creation for different sports and the snowed facilities few minutes away.

Suddenly Sochi became very famous, the local restaurants improved
their capacity and VOILA, Sochi it’s feeding the world with their own
Gastronomic specialities ,  to mention few of the most popular
Yummy- Yummiest Concoction :


Shish kabobs.   ( Шиш кебабы  )
Of course, the top dish is shish kabobs! No outdoor picnic in Russia is complete without kebabs: whether it be a fishing trip, a trip to the country house, or a weekend with the family at a resort. As grilling hamburgers is for Americans, kebabs are for Russia. It’s almost a national idea. Kebabs can rightly be called the king of the Sochi cuisine,( A truly Gold Medalist.).


Solyanka soup       (.Солянка суп.)
Georgian style Solyanka is for those who like it hot and spicy. This nourishing, thick, hearty and flavorful soup is the second favorite after kebabs in all Sochi eating establishments. Solyanka is prepared from choice cuts of meat that are cooked for several hours, then onions, carrots, garlic, tomatos and pepper are added. Those who like spicy food can get adjika (a spicy red sauce from the Caucasus) on the side. Solyanka is best eaten with light and fresh Georgian lavash.( Kremlin bureaucracy’s Favorite.)


Khinkali.   ( Хинкали )
In Russia they are called pelmeni, Italy, ravioli, and in Japan, gyoza. The principle is the same — a thin piece of dough wrapped around a stuffing and boiled in salted broth. Khinkali are filled with minced beef, pepper, salt, and finely chopped green coriander. They are larger than pelmeni and are also different in that almost half of the stuffing is a strong, rich broth. Khinkali are served with tomato sauce and Tsakhton sauce (a white sauce based on sour cream, herbs, and garlic). Summer or Winter Champion.

Khachapuri .    ( ХАЧАПУРИ )
Another masterpiece of Georgian cuisine that still prevails in Sochi. Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread. The bread can be shaped in various ways.( personally,I think it is the Russian version of the Mexican Chalupa ) If you find yourself in Sochi, you certainly need to try the boat-shaped khachapuri! This traditional form is filled with butter, a raw egg, and cheese. It is considered a success if the chef bakes the khachapuri so that the yolk is still runny at the end. The boat khachapuri should be eaten with your hands, pinching off the corners and dipping them in the cheese-oil-egg filling. Beloved by participants in the game
of Biathlon (athletic contest consisting of cross-country skiing and shooting ) or people who likes to ” Hit and Run.”