” Cry me a River”  writen by Arthur  Hamilton in 1953 .


If someone said Men don’t cry, they are absolutely wrong,
In this moment of intense emotion a clear , salty solution
secreted by my lacrimal glands that sometimes lubricate
and cleanses the surface of my eyeballs and the inner
surface of my eyelids rolls slowly on my cheeks, just thinking
on what to tell the rest of my Dogs about the planning on
PUTTING TO SLEEP to my older Dog as we call him
TIO JOSE, a beautiful white and wavy Bichon Frise.
This morning during our daily breakfast : Ricky,Lucy,Sofia,
Diego and Taco while they were sharing bites of butter
toast bread and an unusual treat : ” Pate de foies gras “

Probably Taco,(an illegal Chihuahua) the latest addition to our canine family
was wondering what was the rare occasion.
I just told everybody that – Tomorrow morning
Tio Jose was going in a “trip ” ( of No return ).
Actually, one of the main reasons of such of drastic
determination ; not only because his 14 years old age, but adding
to his misfortunes of loosing his left eye a year ago, also lost
complete vision of his remaining eye and lately
his hearing and just trust his sense of smell to do
the daily routines following the rest of the dogs , but mainly
followed my  scent of where I have been around the house.
Today inspite of’ve been a sunny day , the dogs have not
been playful as usual, I think they suspect that TIO JOSE
is going to take a virtual trip to Space in a firing rocket
with a special shape of a Fire-hydrant .

So, please let my tears roll and dissapear
on the handkerchief of forgetfullness ,while my mind walks
slowly in the Boulevard of the Beloved Pets.

Next day, in a rainy morning,  arrived too early at the Veterinarian
mobile Hospital so we had to wait,  my Son Alex the driver,
suggested to go to McDonalds  for breakfast. TIO JOSE, in the
back seat unable to see but with his keen sense of smell surely
knew where we were I couldn’t resist to bring him a bite of my
meal, which devoured as soon as I offered.
I remained in the back seat ,caressing his curly and white hair
and keeping him warm with his favorite  flannel blanket and his
 woolen sweater from Peru.
The time went by, the next thing I remember , in reduced space
in the back seat,  TIO JOSE was in my arms,  the Doctor’s
assertive hands had the “Merciful” Injection, waiting for the
moment of my approval…..He did not move at all, confident
in my arms, with my Love …….few seconds the Doctor’s
listen to his heart with  her Stethoscope  and all WAS OVER.

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