In a day like today,   August 9, 1875  Albert  W. Ketelbey  was born the Composer,  Conductor and Pianist  best known for light orchestral music.  He wrote very pretty musical themes, one of them impressed     me very deeply in my childhood ears. It was called  just ” In a Persian Market ” . Every time I listened on the radio, the main entertaining in those days, I could close my eyes and imagine everything  pretty but different to our Mexican markets, on the floor vendors  offering pots of clay filled up with gold and silver, rolls and rolls of fabrics made in China of pure silk. Beautiful women dancing and moving their lower bodies with an eternal smile in their faces  with long hair that made the people stand around and watch, also some acrobats making flips and  flops  and never miss a step.

Also , I could see cages protecting beautiful rare birds of exotic colors some of them singing amazing songs and some other making  sounds similar to the human voices, those were my favorites, with a rich plumage of magnificent colors  their tails hardly fit in those cages.

In the market  I could see stands nicely arranged with pots and pans made of brass or bronze appearance shining  and showing off their whimsy figures made by anonymous artist and of course among them   Aladdin’s Lamps…….if I could posses one of them, any size I would go to a private place and “scrub” one just for the fun of wondering  what Happen, Oh I can’t really imagine what exactly Happens…Is a genuine Genie inside of them..?  Maybe a precious Maiden but I wonder if she was  Unmarried or maybe a Virgin or maybe a horrendous “Taliban”.

  I don’t  remember exactly how old I was maybe 4 maybe 5 years old,  the activity of such of Market  couldn’t let me focus exactly what I really want……I could see also people wearing clothes wrapping around their bodies specially women, sometimes covering their heads and hardly see their eyes.  Men were different  mostly wearing head gears but leaving their eyes and ears at sight but showing off their unshaved faces.

The scariest feeling for me was when suddenly see some men riding   gorgeous horses making everything shake, the street was there, so the horses were making way in the absence of cars, bikes or  Trucks.      Listening the music I could see everything what a wonderful experience is to really be IN A PERSIAN MARKET !!!!

Thanks you very much Albert W. Ketelbey for helping me with your music make my dreams come just a wonderful Dream !



 Thanks Marino van Wakeren.




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